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  1. Hi timneh, I am very sorry, I've not been on the forum for a while due to a death in the family, Well Chico didn't work out, he lived with us for three weeks and then I had to return him to his previous owner, he was a lovely parrot but paddy and him really didn't like each other, paddy totally turned against me fly bombing me the lot, it was a nightmare ,so poor wee Chico had to be returned, boy did I feel guilty,, paddy stopped attacking me as soon as Chico left, we are closer now than we ever were before, he is a wonderful companion and I have learned that he can be my only companion lol thanks for asking , hope you and your family had a good Christmas xx
  2. Oh i am sooo sorry,,lol YOU ARE RIGHT,, thanks david
  3. Hi David, Yes i think you are right i just googled images for white fonted amazon and they look identical,, thanks for that, laura
  4. Hi Kathy, Thanks , i cant wait to meet him, his owner said he is very gentle and loves cuddles and loads of attention, im so glad ,hes just what im looking for i will put his cage beside paddys cage on friday for a few days and see how they get on with each other, and i will let them have seperate playtimes,, then after a few days i will let them out together depending on how they get along,, oh i am very excited, i feel like a child on christmas eve waiting for santa lol 2 more sleeps yippee, i will keep you posted ,, thanks again kathy you have been really helpful xx
  5. Hi, This will soon be our new family member,we colllect him on friday, his name is chico and he is 6 years old, his owner said he thinks hes a green cheeked amazon ,but i had a look on google images and he doesnt look the same,,, i found another picture on google of a red lored amazon that looks more like him,,, this is his picture from gumtree , hope someone knows what type he is,, :? thanks laura
  6. Hi, just to let you know, i never got to see jordie,his owner decided to keep him, it was a bit of a let down but the man that was selling him just didnt have the heart to let go,, I then seen an ad on gumtree , a tame green cheeked amazon called chico so i phoned the man that was selling him and i decided to buy him ,he also sounds like a great wee character, i am picking him up on friday,, oh i cant wait ,, but im not 100% sure he is a green cheeked amazon from the picture i seen on gumtree, i think he might be a redlored amazon , could someone tell me what he is , thanks laura
  7. Hi, Well we are going to visit a 2 year old male owa named jordy tonight,, so hopefully hes the one for paddy, he sounds great , so wish me luck,, i will let you know what happens, thanks again laura
  8. Thanks for your replys, i will take paddy on a couple of visits first to see how they get along with each other, and then hopefully we will have a new family member,, the only thing i am worried about is if they dont like each other and i have to walk away ,im not very good at walking away lol,, and how many of the darlings will i have to walk away from. thanks again i will let you know when we find our new buddy,,
  9. Hi, I have a male orange winged amazon that gets on good with other birds , i would really like him to have a buddy and i would really like another also,, should i wait until a female owa comes up for sale or buy another male as it is only males that are advertised everywhere . I have heard things about male amazons not getting along but i have also heard of some that live happy together,, :? does it depend on the individual birds personality, any info would be very much appreciated, thanx laura
  10. Oh good, i was starting to worry, paddy loves his grapes,, and they are organic, only the best for my paddy,
  11. Oh sorry lol , i just assumed she was yours
  12. Marnie sure is beautiful, and very funny, i could watch her all day long, you must have your hands full with that lot, i love your dog its sooo sweet laura
  13. Why are grapes not listed? i give paddy grapes all the time, are these not safe? :?
  14. Thats great,, i am sure he will love his new roomy cage,,,
  15. Paddys favourite is paddys a good boy, he likes everyone to hear that, and if he does something naughty like bites me or trys to chew my picture on the wall , i just look at him and he says no in a stern voice lol and hello paddy anytime he sees someone,,
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