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  1. Thanks Marion yes Wilma is much better and was off the cigs for 2 months i say was ,anyway Sparky is just a pet that has suprised the hell out of us and others, the only training technique we use is to name things and let him touch small objects with his beak and associate by naming noises etc,but to us this is normal as we talk with all our animals. Oh Alex was an extraordinary bird I remember watching documentaries on television about him and i think the interest and little knowledge i gained has helped us with Sparky ,On the IQ level Alex was miles ahead but our little guy has his own talents like when he comes out with words like apparently and obviously then there is something definitely going on. I think these birds are so intelligent and believe that the vast majority of them with the right training could exhibit talents like Alex had,thats why iam keen to take Sparky further. Charlie Our Amazon talks also but is limited compared to Sparky but she is still very intelligent but shows it in different ways like how she lifts her millet and dips it in her water to soften before eating and things like that. I think you could be right that any help would have to come from the U.S as they are way ahead of us in research and training,still there must be some experts this side.
  2. The other day i left a camera running on Sparky to show how he interacts with us and what fun we have with him. I really want people to start appreciating how clever these birds are,it is well believed that parrots are only capable of mimic ,but as Sparky demonstrates this is sinply not true. Iam a firm believer that the vast majority of animals have a lifetime of memories which they carry around ,in school we are taught that we are human beings and are better than animals .but that is a installed belief i would question. Any help on a new direction that we can take with Sparky's training would be appreciate ,we have looked for any Training experts and have came to the conclusion that there are'nt really any,except ones that would take loads of money off us for so called training video's,which made me angry when i seen one of sparky's video's advertising such products. Anyway here's the video and yes he is due a beak trim hehehe Oh and his feathers are getting in better shape but 6 months still wont go in his new cage.
  3. Thanks for the reply iam just about to upload to youtube
  4. Just completed a new video and wondered if they can be uploaded to the site and which forum . Or as its going on youtube i can add a link here,its 6 mins non stop taliking 73mbs and his language clean
  5. Yes i know some can be easily offended but when you look at his video's he really only knows the one bad sweary word F there are no B's or C's unlike some others on youtube which cross the line ,his rude talk is acceptable banter nothing worse than we hear on Tv ,which is acceptable within our culture and considered funny within the context of Scottish culture ,so we are not going to make any apologies to anyone who cant understand or accept who we are. In the title of each video a warning is given that the clip contains swearing so people can choose to watch it or not if they are easily offended ,we have moved on since the first video 4 years ago you will find sparky's abilities have improved and there is very little swearing if any in his new video's. I think this horse has been flogged to death ,lets just bring on the singing parrot.
  6. About the bell yes i understand what you are saying ,what worried us was that the brass was irritating his skin it seems a bit red making him peck the feathers,perhaps if we replace it with a stainless steel one.
  7. Oh btw we still cant get him in his new cage,4 months now,i think he knows that he gets everything in his old one so why would he want to move house and we still need to keep the smaller one as its the only one that fits into the place made for him in the campervan.
  8. We dont swear much and visitors do teach him bad words,thing about Sparky is he uses his words to make new sentences which always make sense,today it was "get up and get me a biscuit" then shouted "go and get me a biscuit" i swear this bird knows what its saying,everyday new sentences that make perfect sence,what i have noticed is sometimes when we ask him a question it might take 5 mins but the answer does come. Anyway he is still getting srayed twice a day with F10 his feathers seem much softer and fine with the greys on his back growing back ,we removed his brass bell from the cage as he was doing dirty things to it and damaging his front feathers. Both birds are getting apple cider in their water and Charlie is bouncing with life,as for Sparky well he's shouting louder,people across the way can hear him,with Wilma having been in hospital i have'nt had much time to teach him to sing,i really need to make more time for him although in saying that one of us is always with him.
  9. The infection was in her heart ,doctor said today that she was very lucky it got caught in time,anyway she is much better but they want to keep an eye on her until Monday or Tuesday then she can get home. We all dont know how lucky we are until something like this happens and turns your life up side down,its made me think how we are all here only for so long ,so we have to make the best of things while we are.
  10. He got the new cage way before Christmas and he's still not in it ,yes i dont wont to force him in ,we open the door of the new one and put the old one up against it,he looks in the new cage and climbs up and down it on the out side ,sits on top of it where there is a play pen with ladders going up to a pearch right at the top. He did have nw toys in it so i have removed them as perhaps they were helping to put him off going in. Perhaps he knows that he gets everything he wants in his old one and does'nt want to move,we will still need to use the old cage to take him in the kitchen each day or take him in the campervan,so many people have said that his cage is to small ,so the only compromise is to work between two,because where we go Sparky goes.
  11. Thanks for the kind words,The infection caused her heart to race sweats etc and they found out that her heart arteries are pretty blocked ,end result lack of oxygen to the brain with the infection in her chest. She is looking much better today if tests tonight are ok she might get out tomorrow otherwise if they decide to give her a angiogram to clear the arteries then she will be in a couple of days more. Doctors have told her its vital that she stops smoking ,she has'nt had a cig for three days and says that she is not missing them,so its up to me now to help her stay on the straight and narrow. This is the second day of Sparky's treatment with the F10 ,right now he is on his swing grooming his feathers in a more gentle way,its early days but we might be on to a winner.
  12. She has a bad viral infection which caused her some delirium ,scary,anyway they have got her in and running tests ,seems as we get older infections can play tricks on our minds , the doctors soon found what we hope is the cause,so they are giving her antibiotics and Ct scans etc just incase. Anyway she seems much better when i seen her today,this place is empty with out her. I have the F10 and gave Sparky his first spray today ,also apple cider now in his water,i keep looking to see if he is drinking heheheeh
  13. Thanks for that ,unfortunately the wife got rushed into hospital last night and i have'nt been to my bed yet,so if you dont hear from me for some time i will be back to let you know how Sparky's treatment goes ,in the mean time many thanks you have been great.
  14. Good point ,i think he is itchy when he sort of stabs at his feathers as at other times its normal grooming like he should do it,at the moment he has new very fine feathers on his back where he had been doing it ,so hopefully with help from the products you suggested we can get him back to his former self. Soaking him through with warm water twice a day really helped ,but of course the heating has to be up so he does'nt get a chill. Do we put only a couple of drops of the cider vinegar in his water dish ,say from a eye dropper,much the same as a tea-spoon full to a ltr of water if we spray him ,and the same for the F10 to spray him. Just read a story on a forum about cider vinegar health benefits , a guy drinking raw cider vinegar it nearly burnt his throat out and he coughed it back up into his nose,oh dear self inflicted,and he was telling people this. Thanks again.
  15. Hi i ordered today F10 Antiseptic Sol Concentrate 200ml and Apple Cider Vinegar 1l for poultry unpasteurized a total Natural Organic, anti-bacterial, anti-coccidial anthelmintic and tonic beneficial effects for all livestock and poultry. Increases egg supply,improves feathering . The dry heat made him a bit scruffy looking it started around Christmas ,he started sort of rough grooming as if he had an itch,he can go for a couple of days ok and then he will do it,not baldy but certainly off condition. I did increase his iron intake and cut out all tip bits that might contain sugar /salt. Charlie the Amazon her feathers are perfect ,the only thing about her is she screams for attention if we leave the room one of us has got to be with her all day ,for a break we cover her up. Appreciate the help thanks.
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