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  1. Thanks. I agree he does a good job. Mrs has not seen the main man this time. Trouble is if he's the only game in town he can pretty much charge what he likes. Also he may well do a good job but what is this compared to? We have one more visit to go and will have spent in excess of £500 with more treatment being "advised". I think that is a little steep for what will be 3 visits with no surgery thankfully and a total of 1 hours consultation, 1 blood test and meds.
  2. On the C.J. Hall subject, we are in the Hampton/Feltham/Twickenham area of SW London, does anybody know of a viable alternative the C.J. Hall and his merry band?
  3. Thanks everyone for your feed back. Sorry for not getting back earlier but the thread subscription keep turning OFF automatically. Psittacosis looks like a real pain to deal with so we will talk further with the vet allowing for their predilection to our credit card, £370! and counting. Will report back when we have more info. Stephen.
  4. Just come back from a follow up visit to the vet Halls. She is much much brighter and back to her old self. She had another injection and got some more meds for the fungal problem, we have been asked to take her back in two weeks. We have also been advised to have an injection for Psittacosis. Can anybody shed some light on this injection, she does not mix with other birds.
  5. OK Bloods were OK, red count was slightly high but nothing alarming. No need for X-ray, she will go back for checkup at the end of the coming week. Med have been administered by my daughter and my wife successfully, Tilly has never come anywhere near me since we got her. I have this effect on females! She is brighter in herself and is slowly getting better. PS David they said she was under weight!. We will be looking to sort her diet out once she is back on her feet/perch properly. What do you guy recommend as for food for her breed, she a fussy little bugger most of the time? PS David they said she was under weight! Thanks for help and input.
  6. Update Mr Fiddes told us it was probably a "fungal problem". Have some drops to give here tomorrow (that will be fun). Wow vets bills! Have got her ensured from next month. Not much help with this bill though. lol Will get blood results later tomorrow! May need xray!
  7. Thanks guys we are booked in to C.J. Halls tomorrow!
  8. We use HARVEY'S LARGE PARROT SPECIAL at moment. We changed from HARVEY's PARROT PREMIUM PLUS in November last year, due to her not eating the majority of the ingredients. She will eat apples corn on the cob and passion fruits, but will be very choosy as to any of them at any given time. She has never been a easy bird when it comes to food. thanks This is Tilly taken today!
  9. Hi Our Tilly is sleeping slightly more than normal and her faeces are watery although she had been eating more fruit of late and drinking more. Still greets my wife in the morning sadly with just a squawk or nine, sadly Tilly has never been a talker, much to my wifes chagrin. She show little outward sign of a change in character or mood. She has recently started back on her vitamin D and calcium supplements that we let slip for some months. :oops: We where thinking of taking her to the vets but the symptoms are slight and her faeces have improved slightly with more solid "bits" in it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  10. Pionus owners her name is Tilly and she's around 10 y.o.. Link to other posts https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=504007#504007
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