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    Help with sprouting

    Some don't hardly sprout at all, or there is little activity. There are other companies that sell sprouting options: https://www.tidymixdiets.com/p-beans-pulses-straights http://www.junglegold.com/seed-mixes-soaking-germination-seed-c-1_32.html
  2. Seasonal Greetings everyone!
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    Hello everyone🙂x

    Hi and welcome to the forum. How old is teddy?
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    anyone know what happened to @rubytoo ?
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    ah bless.. fly free!!!!
  6. Welcome back to the relaunch of the old forum but updated forum. What has everyone been up to over past 2 years and 9 months since we initially went dark? I'll start: I've been busy with ParrotAlert.com, also added CritterAlert.com (all pet edition of PA) last year, i'm now in the process of redeveloping the technology. Also, i've been using facebook less, it's so fragmented and the engagement algorithms means you don't reach as many people as you think.. it's all about $$$ to boost posts. I've kind of missed having something like this. over to you!!! Who is next?
  7. It's me... i keep reading the news about people quitting facebook and after being asked to bring the forum back from the dead, i thought maybe there is hope for forums after all. I do sense the parrot ownership is in decline, i don't know if you are seeing a similar pattern?
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    Holiday boarding required

    These are near heathrow: http://www.hotelpolly.co.uk/
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    purpose of Forum

    Also, the problem with forums, they become search engines as the question has likely been asked many times before and therefore the information already there, hence why we see a lot of traffic but few posts.
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    <Waves> Hello again!

    She's a clever bird.. i should put mine to good use... i need a scarf for winter.
  11. @bitmonkey did you get anywhere on this?
  12. admin

    Newbie from 8 years ago;)

    Welcome back! It's taking time to warm the place up, as people are slowly discovering it's back on-line after almost 3 years out. There is a birds for sale section, it's currently off-line, we'll look into this into the coming months due to CITIES, regulation etc.
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    The comeback kid

    Nice to see you back!! It's taking time to warm the place up, as people are slowly discovering it's back on-line after almost 3 years out.
  14. We haven't asked the obvious question, have you managed to obtain the CITIES Article 10 paperwork for your greys? If haven't, that should be your objective, as for the shipper they should be made aware it's article 10 paper work that is required thus CITIES approved.
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    Welcome back!!
  16. I run and own parrotalert.com, I'm looking into an avenue for you in case you have no luck with the breeder. I'll know more tomorrow.
  17. I can't give you the address due to data protection laws, as it's not public information. I did emailed her a couple of days ago with a link to this post, i'vd had no response as of yet.
  18. Makes a mockery of the fact that if kept as a pet no paper work is required, if you wish to rehome due to changes in circumstance, as people say, don't give your pets away for free as there are a lot of flippers out there. So, if you charge to weed out flippers, then Article 10 kicks in. I wonder how many ignore this and sell them for cash.
  19. Like many, i have nothing. Just a ringed grey with a piece of paper that is a hatch certificate (which anyone could have printed).
  20. I've got one of her birds, i never got it via her, i got it via here via someone she sold it to and needed to rehome after 2 1/2 years. I paid cash.. no sale receipt. It's how a lot of it is/was done. After a lot of research i did, the majority of breeders are cash in hand (often for tax reasons (cube breeders) / help use it to feed existing flock), with no proof. I also was told, apparently you can give your greys away and not have to go via the defra process (causes issues for the people you gift them too if they wish to sell on), but if you sell them you need the defra paperwork. As you are shipping, you have to prove they're not wild caught and obtained from a breeder. Keep us updated!
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    Very Quiet

    I honestly believe that bird ownership has been in decline in the UK. Someone said a couple of years that as the old time breeders quit/die off, there is little enthusiasm from the youngsters... the smart phone generation, i guess they'd rather play crappy birds than breed birds.
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    purpose of Forum

    The reason we closed it down was due to it becoming dead with the rise of facebook... people appear to be quitting fb due to recent reported data breeches, issues with trolls and sick of it. All as we need is a dozen people chatting to get the activity flow going. Let's see if it picks up over the coming months.
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    Very Quiet

    There was a permission problem, you can post new but no replies.. i've changed that.
  24. We heard last week that John Hayward known for the UK's national bird theft / lost and found register passed away last week. A great loss! RIP John!