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  1. It's nice to see welcoming responses. people are suffering from social media fatigue, hopefully we'll see the return of more people and new members. please do talk about the conservation. if you want, i can purchase and add the blog add-on for the forum so you can create blogs linked to topics.
  2. admin

    Welcome back

    welcome back! It was because of a mod (Pottys Mum) that asked me to bring it back to life. It's the old case of you don't know what you've lost until it's gone. Now it's back on-line, i'm starting to appreciate the type of service it offers. facebook is ok for keeping in touch with people, but not really any good for topic base subjects that can be searched like a forum. We have a gallery you can share your photos in: https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/gallery/
  3. admin

    John Hayward

    i was asked yesterday by someone who runs a lost and found group on Facebook, they said they've still not heard anything and no mention on the resources he uses and wondered how true. thanks, at least we know it's not someone's idea of circulating a rumour.
  4. admin

    John Hayward

    still no mention of John Hayward's passing publicly. nothing mention on his register(s) which haven't been updated in almost 6 weeks: http://www.parrotmag.com/lost-and-found-register https://theparrotsocietyuk.org/site/index.php/parrot-information/lost-and-found-parrots/ it doesn't help if people have lost parrots and are trying to contact his register without reply.
  5. luckily i kept paying yearly for the domain name(s) and kept a copy of the site backup after i took it down. @Pottys Mum approached me about bringing it back to life, i said i would, finding the time was the issue, eventually i had to find time and get on with it.
  6. I've been getting emails from people saying they're trying to login and submitting a password reset and not receiving the password reset email. The following reasons you aren't getting the email: 1) the email address on the account is no longer active. 2) the most common one, I've checked the email server and it appears that you've got a spam filtering service in between your email account and the outside world. I can't even reach you when trying to email you directly. You'll need to login to the email spam protection service and add @parrot-link.co.uk to the white-list. if you are using one of the gmail, yahoo, hotmails/outlook mail services, then login to your web-mail account and add @parrot-link.co.uk to the approved/white-list.
  7. I've added 24h, 48h, and 72h stream option (like the old days). Under the activity Icon (top right on the desktop) You can create your own stream and assign it as your own default. V4 of the forum software is so much more flexible than the prior V3 forum.
  8. admin

    John Hayward

    I've often heard it said that if they make it through the first 6 months, then many go on to live a lot longer.
  9. admin

    John Hayward

    I was told by 2 separate sources, i did seek verification. Nothing officially public. I did ping parrotsmag about it (who feature his lost and found), just to let them know that there talk about it, they've not replied back. What i was told, his wife died earlier on in the year and he'd been in hospital recently and apparently was in ill health himself. his register hasn't been updated for a month prior and he he didn't appear at the parrrot talk show in June, from what people said. Great loss!
  10. admin

    John Hayward

    We heard last week that John Hayward known for the UK's national bird theft / lost and found register passed away last week. A great loss! RIP John!
  11. Welcome back to the relaunch of the old forum but updated forum. What has everyone been up to over past 2 years and 9 months since we initially went dark? I'll start: I've been busy with ParrotAlert.com, also added CritterAlert.com (all pet edition of PA) last year, i'm now in the process of redeveloping the technology. Also, i've been using facebook less, it's so fragmented and the engagement algorithms means you don't reach as many people as you think.. it's all about $$$ to boost posts. I've kind of missed having something like this. over to you!!! Who is next?
  12. After i received a request to bring Parrot-Link back from the backup graveyard. I've restored it and upgraded it to the new social style forum that is now available that works across all devices.
  13. admin

    Olly Coptor, RIP

    I hope my birds go before i do... i'd fear for their future... knowing and seeing what really goes on out there. It got a life it wouldn't have had otherwise..... If it hadn't been for people like you debs, it's life could have ended 6 years ago... it got that gift of life and it went being loved. Fly free!