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My beloved Benjamin McBunnington the first

This adorable baby bunny came into my care aged about 9 weeks. His veterinary prognosis of life expectancy was 'maybe 2 or 3 days, lets just see'. Not hopeful. His problems were many. Fractures to his legs, jaw, skull. Brain damage. Completely deaf. Head-tilt. Injuries consistent with possibly being slammed against a wall, or used as a football.

BUT! 3 days turned into almost 3 years! I taught him sign language to help overcome his deafness. I really didn't think much of it, to me, dogs learn to respond to hand signals, so why not a rabbit? I would bump my foot on the floor once to get his attention, then sign to him, and he responded. Never underestimate an animal!

Benjamin had to overcome many obstacles and slip backs during his 3 years, but he fought back time after time, responding to treatment, and bouncing back joyfully, amazing me and his vets so many times.

However, the time came when something came up that refused all attempts of curing or even easing. Benjamin was dying, and nothing could be done to change that devastating fact. Aware that even his pain control medications were beginning to fail, I knew there was one thing left that would ensure his struggles would be over, and any pain would be a thing of the past.

I sat with him resting quietly and pain free in my arms, overdosed with pain medication (With vet's guidance and consent over a telephone call) I held him gently, kissed his face, his ears, his feet, his eyes, spoke gently to him all through the night; telling him how much I loved him, explaining to him that before this pain free spell would never end. I promised him he would never suffer again.

First thing the following morning, I carried him quietly and gently into the consulting room of his vet, and kept the most important promise I had ever made him.


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